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Boiler Tips, Information and Products

Palmasano Plumbing specializes several different configurations and styles of boilers and boiler systems. Some examples are:
  • Hot water (hydronic) standard and high efficency wall mount boilers and combination boilers
  • Steam
  • Gravity (no pumps)
  • Zoned or pump systems
  • Baseboard
  • Radiant floors
  • Radiators (Older homes)
  Most residential boilers here in the tri-state are of the gas fired hot water type using a zoned baseboard distribution system. Steam boilers are still used in some of the older homes.
  • Boilers should be periodically drained, flushed, refilled and bled (air removal).
  • Some pumps and motors require oiling at regular intervals.
  • Burners should be cleaned and checked for proper combustion and efficiency.
  • Controls need to be checked for correct temperature settings and safety.
  • Vents should be checked for proper operation and safe conditions.
  • Heating Services available threw out all of northern n.j. please contact us with any questions about service area.